Parrot Software Update Tool

Parrot Software Update Tool 3.7

Updates the software on the user's Parrot devices
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Installs the newest software available for the Parrot products that you own. The tool automatically identifies the device connected to the PC, looks for available updates on the Internet, then guides you through the installation process using a wizard interface.
Den Parrot Software Update Tool software giver dig mulighed for let at opdatere din Parrot produkt.
Opdatere software procedure afhænger af din Parrot produkt.
Som Parrot Software Update Tool er kun tilgængelig for Windows, Mac brugere har mulighed for at downloade de opdaterede filer direkte for følgende produkter: Parrot MKi9200, Parrot MKi9100, Parrot MKi9000, Parrot RKi8400, Parrot MINIKIT Slank, Parrot Minikit Smart og Parrot Grande Specchio.
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